Tom Thorpe, Co-Director & Educator

//Tom Thorpe, Co-Director & Educator
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Relationship building, empathy, and creativity are at the center of Tom’s approach to life. He has found creative freedom in learning alongside his students and colleagues. Design thinking and the design process has reenergized his life and career. He knows that intentionality, an engaged perspective, and creativity can solve problems. Impasse is not an option.

Tom is a “quick study” whose creative outlets have included learning, imparting knowledge, and following his passions (art, photography, cooking, and the outdoors), which allows him to understand and to help an array of businesses/industries.

Tom has taught in Harlem NY, Dallas TX, New Canaan CT, and Denver CO. He serves on reaccreditation teams, collaborates with schools in Turkey and China, and presents at national conferences. Outside of education he serves on a number of boards.

As a father of four young children, Tom knows how to think quickly and deeply, while keeping priorities in focus. He enjoys strong coffee in the morning, embraces the fact that each day is a new opportunity to make “stuff” happen, and celebrates the end of each day with friends and family. Tom’s wife, Wendy, helps him think about life much more creatively and deeply.

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