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Project Description and it’s services arm, Iterate Studio, connect digital startups with enterprises in Europe and America. Believing that traction is the best path to funding, Iterate secures trials for deserving startups that are discovered, curated, and validated by Iterate. Iterate’s portfolio of 42 endorsed startups include Yottaa (Boston), (India), and Tapcentive (Silicon Valley).

Prior to being a co-founder at Iterate, Jon was the founding 10-year CEO of eBags which grew profitably at a 34% CAGR (from 2000 through early 2008, Jon’s departure). eBags, an innovator, wrote its own software to drop ship from ~500 warehouses (1999), accept ~1.4 million consumer reviews (1999), A/B split test website features (2000) and enter the UK / EU (2003).

eBags also built and sold to Zappos, while running and in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Today, Jon serves as eBags Chairman.

Between eBags and Iterate, Jon invested in and worked with startups and worked from three accelerators. He’s helped VC- and angel-backed startups, including Silicon Valley based Runa (acquired by Staples, 2013) where he was chairman of their advisory board. Because of his passion for entrepreneurship and facilitating connections with larger organizations, Jon is a board member of Governor Hickenlooper’s Colorado Innovation Network (Coin).


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