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A veteran of startups and emerging companies, Chris has spent the last 15 years starting, building and assisting technology and impact companies.  Most notably, Chris co-founded RealGood Technologies, a political technology company that was acquired in 2014 and MadSmarts a Digital Growth Services Firm.  He currently serves as the Chief Growth Officer for Schoolrunner, an Edtech Startup in Denver that seeks to provide tools for teachers to make decisions based on data.

Chris has dedicated his life to building great companies and organizations. He is passionate about the positive personal and societal impact of starting companies and groups that endeavor to change the world.

Chris is active in his community as: a Founder of Denver Startup Week, Co-Organizer of Denver Founders Network, Founder of the Energy Tech Mashup, President of the Lowry Foundation and the soccer coach of the mighty Angry Birds under 9 boys soccer team.


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