From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur

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From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur

Have an undeniable business idea that you think will make millions? Looking for tips to go from being a dreamer to a builder of a business? This panel will discuss the promising characteristics of a “want-repreneur” and how to turn those traits into real action.

What are this distinguishing characteristics of a dreamer that can push their vision into action?

How can ‘ego’ play a role in going from dreamer to creator?

How do you balance between just ‘winging-it’ and ‘perfection-paralysis’

Does a business plan help or hurt?

Who should you ask for help and whom should you absolutely not ask for advice?

What are your first three steps?


Chris Franks @cefranks

Chief Growth Officer, SchoolRunner

Chris Onan   @chrisonan

Galvanize Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Ellis Blevins   @ellisblevins

Principal / Founder, Fluid Consulting Services

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