Collaboration VS. Consensus

//Collaboration VS. Consensus

Collaboration VS. Consensus

There is a difference between collaboration and consensus building. This panel discusses the core differences between gaining team alignment and making everyone happy.

What is the difference between consensus building and collaboration?

Does it make sense for a leader to make decisions without consensus?

In what circumstances is total team consensus critical?

When can consensus building be damaging?

When can collaboration be damaging?

What are some practical tips for creating a collaborative environment?

How can you collaborate with setting the expectation that every idea will be executed on?


Jeff Macco @jeffmacco

CEO at SeedPaths

Michael Simpson, @PairinCEO

Co-founder and CEO at Pairin, Inc.

Rob Novick @rob_novick

Managing Partner, Envision Business Consulting & Capital

Jim Franklin, @jimfranklin

Board member at

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