Culture, Clique, or Cult

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Culture, Clique, or Cult

Creating a company culture with positive longevity is one of the most complicated aspects of organizational leadership. The panel this week will discuss some of the bad and good cultures they have worked in, how they foster a great culture, and how to evolve as organizations change.

What culture efforts have you seen that have had positive cultural results?

What culture initiatives have you seen completely fail?

The ultimate cultural conundrum: How do you deal with great talent that is a negative impact on culture?

Do team building exercises work?

Are company “clicks” a sign of a good culture or a bad one?

Have you ever encountered a company culture that could be better described as an organizational cult?


Richard Coyte @rcoyte
Director, Growth Management Practice Group at Chromedia

Whitney Walpole @myCOREgames
Owner & President at Culture Counts

Natalie Baumgartner @ask_dr_nat
Founder + Chief Psychologist at RoundPegg

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