Are Women Damaging Their Brand?

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Are Women Damaging Their Brand?

For the last few years, businesses have focused to improve women’s workplace status to ensure they receive equal compensation, respect, and opportunity. Hallelujah!

But many organizations, with good intentions, are starting to take pro-women policies too far; policies that may ultimately hurt the women they are designed to help and worse, alienate the other 50% of their workforce.

Hosted by Anthony Franco, this panel of prominent women leaders discuss their experiences with “Leaning-In” and how organizational attitudes are helping, and often hurting, gender relationships in the workplace.


Have you ever been a victim on gender-bias at the workplace? If so, how did you lead through it?

How do you distinguish between gender bias and just regular bad behavior?

Have you ever played the gender card to your advantage?

What gender-based organizational policies work? What ones don’t?



Krystal Covington @KrystalGoLead

President & Founder of “Women of Denver”

Andrea Young

CIO/CTO BI Incorporated

Judy Batenburg

SVP/IT, Starz

Tosha Zeitlin

Director – IT Service Management at Dish Network


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